InfoSecSherpa Newsletter — 02 June 2021

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  1. Oxford Statement on International Law Protections in Cyberspace: The Regulation of Information Operations and Activities
    (Just Security, 02 June 2021)
    In the hope of getting some answers, the Oxford Institute for Ethics Law and Armed Conflict (ELAC) once again convened different stakeholders in the ‘Oxford Process on International Law Protections in Cyberspace’.
  2. Cybersecurity: Why a culture of silence and driving mistakes underground is bad for everyone
    (ZDNet, 02 June 2021)
    Creating a cybersecurity culture in which employees are scared to come forward about potential cybersecurity mistakes just creates more problems in the long run — especially if cyber criminals have breached your network.
  3. City, county to get cybersecurity upgrades
    (WOWO, 02 June 2021)
    Government offices for both the City of Fort Wayne and Allen County will be getting an upgrade to their cybersecurity infrastructure.
  4. UL Recognizes PSA Certified as a Fast-Track to UL’s Secure IoT Component Qualification to Help Support Secure IoT Ecosystems
    (Cision PR Newswire, 02 June 2021)
    NXM’s autonomous IoT security software is recognized by UL as first component to achieve both PSA Certified and UL’s Secure IoT Component Qualification.
  5. Africa cannot be the weak link in the security value-chain
    (IT Web, 02 June 2021)
    Ajijola listed the growing need for user awareness as one of the challenges. This includes passwords, remote end points, cyber hygiene updates, and user behaviour regarding opening suspicious files or links.
  6. ‘Missed delivery’ text scam targeting Irish people
    (Breaking News Ireland, 02 June 2021)
    This link directs to a fake website replicating the legitimate delivery company site. Here, the victim will be asked to download two .apk files which are banking trojans.
  7. This is how attackers bypass Microsoft’s AMSI anti-malware scanning protection
    (ZDNet, 02 June 2021)
    Researchers outline common tactics for circumventing the security software.
  8. Why are you suddenly getting so many scam texts? Truth behind Royal Mail, Hermes and HMRC ‘fraud wave’
    (The Sun, 02 June 2021)
    A new “fraud wave” has been reported in the UK, targeting mobile phone users with texts that, at first glance, appear to be from delivery companies or government institutions.
  9. Industrial sector attacks jump 91 percent
    (Beta News, 02 June 2021)
    A new report from cybersecurity specialist Positive Technologies reveals a reveals a 91 percent jump in attacks on industrial companies and a 54 percent rise in malware-related attacks last year compared to 2019.
  10. Cristiano Ronaldo Says Cyber Hacker Provided Stolen Documents To Lawyers Representing His Alleged Assault Victim, Demands Lawsuit Be Tossed
    (Radar Online, 01 June 2021)
    Cristiano Ronaldo is asking the court to dismiss the lawsuit brought by the woman accusing him of sexual assault, claiming her lawyers obtained stolen documents from a cyber hacker.
InfoSecSherpa — Your Guide Up a Mountain of Information!



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