InfoSecSherpa Newsletter — 05 June 2021

  1. If We Don’t Secure People, Information Security Will Remain a Pipe Dream
    (Lawfare, 14 May 2021)
    At the heart of every business’s information security efforts is a flaw that few have addressed adequately: A business’s people present the ultimate vulnerability.
  2. FBI subpoenas info on readers of news story on slain agents
    (Texarkana Gazette, 05 June 2021)
    The FBI issued a subpoena demanding U.S. newspaper giant Gannett provide agents with information to track down readers of a USA Today story about a suspect in a child pornography case who fatally shot two FBI agents in February.
  3. UK Cyber Security Council to Tackle Education, Standards
    (Bank Info Security, 05 June 2021)
    The U.K. Cyber Security Council is a new self-regulatory body for the profession. It is tasked by the U.K. Government to execute their vision for the U.K. to be one of the safest places to work and do business online.
  4. Australia’s Cybersecurity Agency Averted More Attacks by Hackers Who Crippled Nine
    (Homeland Security Today, 05 June 2021)
    Australia’s cybersecurity agency was able to alert two other organizations they were targeted by the same ransomware attackers who crippled Nine Entertainment thanks to the agency’s “classified” powers.
  5. Cyberseek Indiana Resources Launched to Promote Employment in the Growing Cybersecurity Industry
    (Illinois News Today, 05 June 2021)
    The Indiana Department of Labor Development (DWD) has partnered with the Purdue Cyber ​​Apprenticeship Program (P-CAP), Burning Glass Technologies, and CompTIA to help fill the gap in Indiana’s cybersecurity skills.
  6. Latvian national charged with writing malware used by Trickbot hackers
    (Cyber Scoop, 04 June 2021)
    U.S. prosecutors have charged a 55-year-old Latvian national with developing computer code used in tandem with the infamous malicious software known as TrickBot, which has defrauded countless people while infecting tens of millions of computers worldwide.
  7. Markey walks back comments about SSA cyberattack
    (The Inquirer and Mirror, 04 June 2021)
    A day after U.S. Edward Markey said Russians were behind Wednesday’s ransomware attack on the Steamship Authority’s ticketing and reservations systems, his chief of staff walked those comments back.
  8. AM Best Warns of ‘Grim’ Future for Cyber Insurers
    (Chief Financial Officer, 04 June 2021)
    The increase in cyber losses outstripped rate hikes last year, suggesting “more trouble for 2021 as ransom demands continue to grow.”
  9. As Ransomware Hackers Sit On Millions In Extorted Money, America’s Military Is Urged To Hack Back
    (Forbes, 05 June 2021)
    Breaches of Colonial Pipeline and JBS, causing gas and meat shortages across the U.S., have led to calls for more aggressive action on the criminals behind the hacks.
  10. Mass. Steamship Authority, Still Dealing With Cyberattack, Launches New Ticketing Site
    (NBC Boston, 04 June 2021)
    The Steamship Authority has waived rescheduling and cancellation fees and will continue to honor existing reservations at terminals.
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