InfoSecSherpa Newsletter — 13 June 2021

  1. Controversial anti-terrorism law set for voter approval
    (Swiss Info, 13 June 2021)
    Swiss voters are poised to endorse a series of measures allowing police to crack down against militant extremists and apply preventive detention.
  2. Putin: Russia open to hacker exchange with US
    (Deutsche Welle, 13 June 2021)
    Recent cyberattacks on critical US infrastructure and companies have been blamed on Russian hackers. US President Joe Biden vowed to raise the issue during his meeting with President Vladimir Putin next week.
  3. AI can now convincingly mimic cybersecurity experts and medical researchers
    (The Next Web, 13 June 2021)
    There is growing concern about misinformation spreading in these critical fields as a result of common biases and practices in publishing scientific literature, even in peer-reviewed research papers.
  4. U.K. Plans for Enhanced Cybersecurity Role
    (Bank Info Security, 13 June 2021)
    Joint Effort with US to Maintain a Black List of Hackers Among Plan proposals.
  5. Here’s How The IRS Could Have Prevented The Tax Data Leak
    (Forbes, 12 June 2021)
    The IRS doesn’t create or invent cybersecurity methods; they try to adhere to all the security regulations, follow the standards and take the advice of agencies that specialize in cybersecurity.
  6. Huawei opens largest transparency center
    (Manila Times, 13 June 2021)
    Huawei opened its largest Global Cyber Security and Privacy Protection Transparency Center in Dongguan, China on June 9.
  7. Indian-origin man charged with cyber-attack on hospital in US state Georgia
    (Live Mint, 12 June 2021)
    The indictment and other information presented in court state that the man was responsible for disrupting phone service, obtaining information from a digitising device, and disrupted network printer service.
  8. Watch out — that Minecraft mod could be dangerous malware
    (Tech Radar, 13 June 2021)
    The malicious files won’t add to the Minecraft experience, but can make a victim’s smartphone or tablet unusable due to a deluge of annoying and intrusive adverts.
  9. Hacker known as Max is 55-year-old woman from Russia, U.S. says
    (The Day, 13 June 2021)
    Alla Witte’s plans for a new career as a computer programmer included helping clients make enough money to see the world, according to YouTube videos and social media posts. She was in her late 40s with a degree in applied mathematics and an itch to do computer programming.
  10. Data breaches expose emails, passwords of several government officials to hackers
    (The Hindu, 13 June 2021)
    The internal communication, accessed by The Hindu, said the compromised emails on government domains such as and are potential cyber threats as they are being used by “adversaries” to send malicious mails to all government users.



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