InfoSecSherpa Newsletter — 16 May 2021

  1. Japan lashes out against alleged Chinese military cyberattacks
    (Nikkei Asia, 16 May 2021)
    A recent cyberattack campaign against JAXA and some 200 other Japanese entities was blamed on Chinese military.
  2. Why France is a welcome security partner for Japan
    (The Japan Times, 16 May 2021)
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  3. Tesla quick to show support for China’s new data collection rules after sharp decline in April sales
    (The Star, 16 May 2021)
    The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), the country’s central internet regulator, released a set of draft rules on car data regulation on its website on Wednesday that include provisions meant to strengthen personal data protection and protect national security.
  4. Facial recognition debuts at Charlotte’s airport for use on foreign arriving passengers
    (The Dispatch, 16 May 2021)
    Federal agents at Charlotte’s airport have begun using facial recognition software on passengers arriving from foreign countries, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced Friday.
  5. China removes 90 apps to check ‘irregular collection of personal information’
    (Telecom, 16 May 2021)
    The affected apps include online ticket booking platform Damai, online travel booking app Tuniu, China’s biggest LinkedIn rival Maimai, and Tianya, an online community for people to share views and ideas. However, users who already have the apps installed can continue to use them, reported South China Morning Post.
  6. Fake Covid vaccine and test certificate market is growing, researchers say
    (The Guardian, 16 May 2021)
    More than 1,200 vendors operating in the UK and worldwide offering false documents for as little as £25.
  7. Dutch cyber security under threat; more autonomy needed
    (NL Times, 16 May 2021)
    The Netherlands must do more to support its cybersecurity as the country is on the edge of losing its digital autonomy, national cybersecurity council CSR warned. According to the advisory body, the Dutch cybersecurity system was becoming too dependent on foreign tech companies, particularly those from the United States and China.
  8. UAE is a major draw for cyber criminals, research shows
    (Zawya, 15 May 2021)
    In the UAE, Trend Micro solutions detected and blocked over 19 million email threats, prevented 10 million malicious URL Victim attacks, and nearly 119,000 URL hosts.
  9. Insurer AXA hit by ransomware after dropping support for ransom payments
    (Bleeping Computer, 16 May 2021)
    Branches of insurance giant AXA based in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines have been struck by a ransomware cyber attack.
  10. HP research discovers 29% of malware previously unknown
    (Backend News, 16 May 2021)
    Mastering obfuscation and widespread use of packers enabled 29% of malware to evade detection and classified as “previously unknown,” according to the findings of HP Inc. (HP) Quarterly Threat Insights Report, which provides analysis of real-world attacks against customers worldwide.



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