InfoSecSherpa Newsletter — 19 June 2021

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  1. Canada’s Cyberspy Agency May Have Broken Privacy Law, Intelligence Watchdog Says
    (ChrisD Winnipeg News, 19 June 2021)
    The national intelligence watchdog says Canada’s cyberspy agency may have broken the law in disclosing personal information about Canadians.
  2. Leaked image reveals Ring’s security camera for the car
    (Tech Radar, 19 June 2021)
    The dash cam could apparently monitor both the inside and the outside of your vehicle, according to materials revealed by The Tape Drive and Zatz Not Funny.
  3. Kenya launches mobile application for reporting cybersecurity crimes
    (CGTN Africa, 19 June 2021)
    Kenya has launched a mobile application for reporting cybersecurity crimes following a surge in cyber threats during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. Ransomware attack payments might be tax deductible, says US government
    (Fox 2 Detroit, 19 June 2021)
    The IRS offers no formal guidance on ransomware payments, but multiple tax experts interviewed by The Associated Press said deductions are usually allowed under law and established guidance. It’s a “silver lining” to ransomware victims, as some tax lawyers have said.
  5. Cybersecurity is the next frontier for AI and ML
    (Venture Beat, 18 June 2021)
    These other algorithms include the fields of natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU), reinforcement learning, and knowledge representation. These are the most relevant approaches in cybersecurity.
  6. Survey shows many water utilities struggle with cybersecurity
    (GCN, 18 June 2021)
    The water industry, like most critical infrastructure sectors, shows a range of cybersecurity preparedness levels, even as threats grow.
  7. Cybersecurity & How One Utility Is Protecting Its County’s Most Precious Resource
    (Water Finance & Management, 18 June 2021)
    With more than 3,000 miles of pipeline, these protections extend beyond traditional measures such as advanced metering infrastructure and leak detection. It has to include cybersecurity as well.
  8. Cyber Security Today, Week in Review for June 18, 2021
    (IT World Canada, 18 June 2021)
    Joined by Terry Cutler, the head of Montreal’s Cyology Labs, to discuss some of the headlines from the past seven days.
  9. Cybersecurity figured prominently at the Russo-American summit. Hardware phishing. Chinese cyberespionage and Chinese cybercrime.
    (The Cyber Wire, 19 June 2021)
    Cyber privateering, Russian toleration (perhaps active encouragement) of criminal cybergangs, was expected to be a major topic at Wednesday’s Russo-American summit, as indeed it proved to be. Russian President Putin prepared the ground, an interview on NBC indicates, with a preemptive tu quoque: Russia does nothing that America doesn’t also do.
  10. FDA seeks input on cybersecurity issues in medical device servicing
    (BioWorld, 18 June 2021)
    A new FDA discussion paper addresses cybersecurity issues specific to the servicing of medical devices, with the goal of guiding the conversation about potential challenges and opportunities. It coincides with a larger agency initiative to provide more clarity on servicing.
InfoSecSherpa — Your Guide Up a Mountain of Information!



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