InfoSecSherpa Newsletter — 20 June 2021

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  1. How Cyber attackers might threaten Hull’s high-tech Smart City network
    (Hull Daily Mail, 20 June 2021)
    According to the National Cyber Security Centre, Smart Cities are likely to become a target for hackers or even foreign states in the future.
  2. Australia accused of ‘excessive and unnecessary’ secrecy
    (Federal News Network, 20 June 2021)
    Australia’s suppression of information seen as pivotal to a free and open media is at the center of accusations that the country has become one of the world’s most secretive democracies.
  3. Egypt, Libya discuss enhanced cooperation in ICT, postal services
    (Daily News Egypt, 20 June 2021)
    Egypt’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has received a high-level delegation of leaders from Libya’s information and communications technology (ICT) sector for discussions on enhancing cooperation.
  4. Phantom Rela registrations show need for more safeguards, say data privacy and cybersecurity experts
    (Malay Mail, 20 June 2021)
    Government agencies must enhance their verification processes to prevent possible abuse, such as the unsolicited registration of Malaysians by the People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela), personal data protection advocates and cybersecurity experts said.
  5. North Korea attempted to hack South Korea’s nuclear think tank, lawmaker says
    (ABC 7, 19 June 2021)
    A North Korean hacker group allegedly broke into South Korea’s nuclear research center last month, marking the latest in a series of cyberattack attempts, a South Korean lawmaker said in a press briefing Friday.
  6. Hackers are using Google Docs as a Platform for Yet Another Dangerous Phishing Attack
    (Digital Information World, 20 June 2021)
    The threat was uncovered by the analysts and researchers of Avanan, a cybersecurity firm. The entire attack and its discovery is broken down by Jeremy Fuchs. The post, published on Avanan’s blog, highlights how Google Docs is being utilized as a tool for spearheading phishing attacks against other members of the community.
  7. Personal info of more than 500 patients taken during Farmington hospital data breach
    (Farmington Daily Times, 20 June 2021)
    San Juan Regional Medical Center sent out letters dated June 4 to patients stating a “recent data security incident” may have involved their personal information.
  8. NATO Adds Cyber Commitments, Potential Ransomware Response
    (Government Technology, 20 June 2021)
    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) opened the door for cyber attacks to trigger “Article 5” actions. This is a big deal — here’s why.
  9. North-east cops launch specialist unit to tackle rise in cyber crime
    (The Press and Journal, 20 June 2021)
    Based in Aberdeen, the new cyber-enabled crime team will work alongside national units within Police Scotland to help develop specialist knowledge locally, enhance investigations and develop preventative strategies to help keep our communities safe.
  10. New Pitt Lab to combat digital disinformation
    (Tribune Live, 20 June 2021)
    Pitt officials said they hope to tap a new venture — the Pitt Disinformation Lab — in the Institute for Cyber Law, Policy and Security to build a community-based network to detect, study and combat malicious information in the digital world.
InfoSecSherpa — Your Guide Up a Mountain of Information!



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