InfoSecSherpa Newsletter — 22 July 2021

  1. An Explosive Spyware Report Shows the Limits of iOS Security
    (Wired, 22 July 2021)
  2. France weighs cybersecurity moves after spyware reports
    (Tech Explore, 22 July 2021)
  3. Tokyo 2020 reportedly suffer data breach from ticketholders
    (Inside the Games, 22 July 2021)
  4. Grindr Has Been Warned for Years About Its Privacy Issues
    (Vice, 22 July 2021)
  5. Saudi Aramco confirms data breach following demand for $50m cyber ransom
    (Tech Radar, 22 July 2021)
  6. Respect in Security: New infosec campaign aims to stamp out harassment
    (The Daily Swig, 22 July 2021)
  7. Cyber attack disrupts South African container terminals
    (Reuters, 22 July 2021)
  8. How has Data Become the World’s Most Valuable Commodity?
    (Robotics and Automation News, 22 July 2021)
  9. The world’s top ransomware gangs have created a cybercrime “cartel”
    (CBS News, 22 July 2021)
  10. Chinese hackers stole Mekong data from Cambodian foreign ministry -sources
    (Reuters/Investing, 22 July 2021)



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