InfoSecSherpa Newsletter — 22 May 2021

  1. Sometimes in Cybersecurity, Boring is Good
    (Prof Bill Buchanan OBE, 22 May 2021)
    Correcting errors is good.
  2. ‘Did weak wi-fi password lead the police to our door?’
    (BBC News, 22 May 2021)
    They realised the most likely explanation for the false accusation was their wi-fi router — and its factory-set password.
  3. Hacker leaks Domino’s customer data; firm says financial information safe
    (The Economic Times, 22 May 2021)
    A hacker has allegedly leaked customer data of pizza brand Domino’s, according to information shared by a cyber security expert. The company has admitted to the data breach, but said customers’ financial information remains safe.
  4. HSE knew the cyberattack risks but couldn’t get ahead of the hackers
    (The Irish Times, 21 May 2021)
    Health system had been tackling weaknesses in IT security but cyber criminals got there first.
  5. Air India data breach: All you need to know
    (Hindustan Times, 22 May 2021)
    As many as 4.5 million Air India customers were affected in the data breach. The airlines assured its passengers that there was no evidence of any “misuse” of the data.
  6. Malaysian Airlines suffer data security exploit
    (The Digital Hacker, 22 May 2021)
    Malaysian Airlines has suffered a data security “exploit” that imperiled personal information that belongs to the members of its frequent flyer programme, Enrich. The contravention is claimed to have occurred at a point during a period that stretches almost a decade and involved a third-party service provider of IT.
  7. Is cybersecurity in rail more important now than ever?
    (Railway Technology, 22 May 2021)
    Railway systems and operators are increasingly coming under attack from cyberthreats. Even European railways were not spared from data breaches and ransom threats.
  8. CISOs put premium on cybersecurity vendors considered as ‘thought leaders’ — report
    (Back End News, 22 May 2021)
    The latest report from Code Red, a public relations communication security network, found that being a thought leader in the cybersecurity industry adds weight to the choices of chief information security officers (CISO).
  9. Career cyber criminal turned law enforcement ally to share his secrets
    (Hawaii News Now, 21 May 2021)
    Brett Johnson was once known as the “godfather of the dark web” and he has the resume to back it up.
  10. Florida Water Treatment Plant Was Involved in Second Security Incident Before Poisoning Attempt: Report
    (Best Gaming Pro, 22 May 2021)
    Brand new research from Dragos has discovered that a water remedy plant in Oldsmar, Florida — the place hackers tried to poison the city’s water earlier this 12 months — was additionally concerned in one other potential breach on the identical time.



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