InfoSecSherpa Newsletter — 25 May 2021

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  1. DHS to issue first cybersecurity regulations for pipelines after Colonial hack
    (The Washington Post, 25 May 2021)
    The Department of Homeland Security is moving to regulate cybersecurity in the pipeline industry for the first time in an effort to prevent a repeat of a major computer attack that crippled nearly half the East Coast’s fuel supply this month — an incident that highlighted the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to online attacks.
  2. Inspired by Podesta breach, Material Security raises $40 million to neuter email hacks
    (Forbes, 25 May 2021)
    “Email is not going anywhere. It’s as old as the internet, and it’s baked into all sorts of things. After the apocalypse, the cockroaches will be emailing each other,” Noon says.
  3. Black Security Company in Chicago Investing $500,00 to Expand Into Cybersecurity Industry
    (Black Enterprise, 25 May 2021)
    That is among the reasons why John Griffin Jr. is expanding his security business in Chicago. In actuality, Griffin is moving ahead with vigorous strategic steps that include investing $500,000 to expand with a new cybersecurity operation, setting his company up for future revenue gains.
  4. Security flaw lets hackers take screenshots on your Mac
    (Fortune, 25 May 2021)
    A newly discovered flaw in the macOS operating system could allow intruders to take screenshots, record video, or access files on a hard drive without the machine owner’s knowledge.
  5. Texas lawmakers seek to protect school districts from growing cyber security threats
    (Caller Times, 25 May 2021)
    Williams is among the supporters of a measure being considered in the final week of the 2021 legislative session that would give the Texas Education Agency the ability to coordinate the sharing of information related to cyber attacks and marshal the resources needed to thwart security breeches.
  6. UK Insurer Recovering From Ransomware Attack
    (Gov Info Security, 25 May 2021)
    The U.K.-based insurance firm One Call says its systems were disrupted by a ransomware attack May 13 and it’s still working to restore them.
  7. SA aviation regulator takes down licence portal after information breach
    (Fin24, 25 May 2021)
    South Africa’s aviation regulator the SA Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) notified stakeholders on Tuesday evening that it has taken down the portal with licence holders’ personal information.
  8. Airports to be Fastest Growing Critical Infrastructure Sector to Invest in Cybersecurity by 2030
    (Homeland Security Today, 25 May 2021)
    Analysis from Frost & Sullivan shows that while corporate and consumer businesses remain popular marks for cyberattacks, critical infrastructure facilities have become increasingly viable threat targets. They are highly vulnerable to major operational disruptions and cyber incidents that can lead to real-world peril.
  9. Over 55,500 password stealers detected in the Philippines, says cybersecurity firm
    (Interaksyon, 25 May 2021)
    There are more than 55,500 password stealers found in the Philippines in the first quarter of 2021, according to a cybersecurity firm.
  10. Coast Guard to stand up first cyber ‘red team’ as it creates Cyber Operational Assessments Branch
    (Federal News Network, 25 May 2021)
    The Coast Guard is transforming its cyber “blue team” enterprise into a more comprehensive Cyber Operational Assessments Branch, and is standing up its first red team as part of this restructuring.
InfoSecSherpa — Your Guide Up a Mountain of Information!



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