InfoSecSherpa Newsletter — 27 June 2021

  1. Senior MoD civil servant at centre of investigation into how sensitive military documents turned up at bus stop
    (Sky News, 27 June 2021)
    A member of the public discovered the files, which included details about the movements of a UK warship off the coast of Crimea.
  2. Families being notified following data breach of yearbook, graduation apparel supplier
    (WBAY 2, 27 June 2021
    The company Herff Jones, which is a popular supplier of yearbooks and graduation caps and gowns, is notifying customers.
  3. Apple Daily parent weighs Security Bureau request for ‘sensitive information’ as it seeks to have assets unfrozen, pay final wages
    (South China Morning Post, 27 June 2021)
    The parent company of Hong Kong’s Apple Daily is weighing a Security Bureau request to hand over a list of employees and other “sensitive information” in its bid to have assets frozen under the national security law released so it can pay outstanding wages, the Post has learned.
  4. Pro-Palestinian hackers steal info on hundreds of thousands of Israeli students
    (The Times of Israel, 27 June 2021)
    Malaysian hacking group calling itself DragonForce distributes information on Telegram app, including names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
  5. How IoMT can protect healthcare from cyber attacks
    (Healthcare, 27 June 2021)
    The adoption of technology in the healthcare industry increased at rapid rate in 2020 and as a result, the number of connected medical devices — an integral part of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) — is booming.
  6. Windows flaw opens door to cyberattacks on Vietnamese firms
    (VN Express, 27 June 2021)
    A serious flaw in the Windows operating system makes Vietnamese firms vulnerable to large-scale cyberattacks by hackers, the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) has warned.
  7. How Saudi Arabia is building cyber resilience while accelerating digital transformation
    (Zawya, 26 June 2021)
    Of the countless entities and individuals targeted, some of the more prominent are Saudi Aramco, Bangladesh Bank, Colonial Pipeline, the Democratic Party of the US, and the UK’s House of Commons. In 2015, the self-proclaimed Yemen Cyber Army attacked the Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  8. TikTok employees say China tightly controls app amid data concerns
    (MSN, 26 June 2021)
    Former TikTok employees say the hugely popular video app is closely controlled by its Chinese parent company ByteDance, raising privacy concerns that the government in Beijing could leverage the app to collect personal information about Americans as part of its sprawling digital surveillance apparatus.
  9. Tesla Recalls Nearly 300,000 Cars in China Over Cruise Control Safety Issues
    (Gizmodo, 27 June 2021)
    China’s market regulator says Tesla is recalling nearly 300,000 vehicles over safety risks posed by the vehicles’ cruise control systems, which are apparently easy to activate by accident.
  10. Why losing the Presidential iPad is no laughing matter
    (IOL South Africa, 27 June 2021)
    The presidential gadget may seem like nothing in the eyes of the public yet it is something that should be safeguarded with all the security resources available.



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