InfoSecSherpa’s News Round Up for Friday, October 1, 2021

Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month!
  1. Lawsuit: Hospital’s Ransomware Attack Led to Baby’s Death
    (Gov Info Security, October 1st)
  2. Biometric Information Privacy Programs
    (JD Supra, Robinson + Cole, October 1st)
  3. Maryland outlaws ransomware, calls for statewide security strategy
    (GCN, October 1st)
  4. We still don’t know why a Trump server has mysterious connections to a Russian bank, despite a DOJ indictment
    (Yahoo! News / Business Insider, October 1st)
  5. Google Issues Emergency Chrome Update
    (My Tech Decisions, October 1st)
  6. US will bring together 30 countries to tackle ransomware
    (Engadget, October 1st)
  7. Why Cybersecurity Professionals Should Take a Page From Voldemort’s Book
    (CPO Magazine, October 1st)
  8. Episode #18: Cybersecurity and utilities — how to solve and prevent cyber attacks
    (Smart Energy International, October 1st)
  9. Navy and Air Force reaffirm cybersecurity reciprocity commitment
    (FedScoop, September 30th)
  10. Cyber Security Today, Oct. 1, 2021 — Microsoft addresses Azure flaw, advice on configuring VPNs, Eduroam WiFi issue and more
    (IT World Canada, October 1st)
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