InfoSecSherpa’s News Round Up for Monday, December 20, 2021

  1. Belgian Defence ministry network partially down following cyber attack
    (The Brussels Times, December 20th)
  2. A shift in cybersecurity culture
    (Professional Security Magazine, December 20th)
  3. Gas stations and beyond: Why cybersecurity is a top priority for industrial infrastructure
    (Back End News, December 20th)
  4. Ghana Government Agency Exposes 100,000s of Citizens in Massive Data Breach
    (Modern Ghana, December 20th)
  5. AT&T : Cultivating a Culture of Security
    (Market Screener, December 20th)
  6. Addressing loopholes in digital and data rights in Africa: This is what it will take
    (The Africa Report, December 20th)
  7. Forensic investigation concludes: Integrity of payments system not compromised
    (Curacao Chronicle, December 20th)
  8. Viewing Social Media Profiles Without Being Logged on
    (OSINT Curious, December 20th)
  9. Log4j vulnerability now used to install Dridex banking malware
    (Bleeping Computer, December 20th)
  10. iPhone Malware Installs Computer Inside Your Apple Device: Full Details on How Hack Steals Data
    (iTechPost, December 20th)
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