InfoSecSherpa’s News Round Up for Monday, November 22, 2021

  1. Pentagon Officials Rethinking Cyber’s Role in National Defense Strategy
    (Next Gov, November 22nd)
  2. Bureau Veritas: Information on a cyber attack
    (Globe Newswire, November 22nd)
  3. Twitter to test first live shopping show ahead of Cyber Week
    (Axios, November 22nd)
  4. Devious ‘Tardigrade’ Malware Hits Biomanufacturing Facilities
    (Wired, November 22nd)
  5. New Golang-based Linux Malware Targeting eCommerce Websites
    (The Hacker News, November 22nd)
  6. Federal Banking Regulators Issue Rule Requiring 36 Hour Notice of Ransomware and Other Disruptive Cybersecurity Incidents
    (The National Law Review, November 22nd)
  7. Mississippians have option to use digital drivers license
    (Local Memphis, November 22nd)
  8. Selling your car? Don’t forget to delete your private information
    (Driving Canada, November 22nd)
  9. UK holds international digital government conference
    (Computer Weekly, November 22nd)
  10. WhatsApp pushes privacy update to comply with Irish ruling
    (The Economic Times Telecom, November 22nd)
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