InfoSecSherpa’s News Round Up for Monday, October 25, 2021

  1. Scotland to Make Cybersecurity Advice More Accessible
    (Digit, October 25th)
  2. Facebook’s language gaps allow terrorist content and hate speech to thrive
    (PBS NewsHour, October 25th)
  3. The urgent need for the healthcare industry to develop cyber-resiliency
    (Security Magazine, October 25th)
  4. Retailers confront a growing risk of cyberattacks
    (National Retail Federation, October 25th)
  5. NYC’s ‘Peculiar’ New Delivery App Law Raises Data Breach Fears
    (Bloomberg Law, October 25th)
  6. Nova Scotia failing to protect against ‘typosquatting,’ doppelganger websites, says analyst
    (CBC News, October 25th)
  7. GCHQ to use military hackers to hunt ransomware gangs
    (Financial Times, October 25th)
  8. State Department to Form New Cyber Office to Face Proliferating Global Challenges
    (The Wall Street Journal, October 25th)
  9. Microsoft: Russian-backed hackers targeting cloud services
    (Spectrum Local News, October 25th)
  10. JavaScript Obfuscation Now Often Used By Hackers To Hide Malware
    (Latest Hacking News, October 25th)
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