InfoSecSherpa’s News Round Up for Saturday, October 9, 2021

  1. Cyber Talk Africa Podcast — A Step by Step Guide on How to Start a Cybersecurity Career by Tracy Z. Maleeff
  2. Your cybersecurity team will face burnout, and you need to help
    (VentureBeat, October 9th)
  3. James Madison University expert offers advice on cybersecurity
    (James Madison University News, October 8th)
  4. CISA Releases New Cyber Reporting Guidance for Chemical Facilities
    (Homeland Security Today, October 8th)
  5. Governments Top Cyber Attack Target Lists, Microsoft Report Says
    (MeriTalk, October 8th)
  6. Audit Finds Kansas Schools Underprepared for Cyber Attacks
    (Government Technology, October 8th)
  7. Fitch Ratings Says Phishing To Increase Cyber Claim Volume [paywall]
    (Law360, October 8th)
  8. Cyber pros used OSINT and sock puppets to aid mass Afghanistan evacuation
    (SC Media, October 8th)
  9. Efforts to Incentivize Healthcare Sector Cyber Investments
    (Gov Info Security, October 8th)
  10. Google to give 10K free security keys to ‘high risk’ individuals
    (Times Now News, October 9th)
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