InfoSecSherpa’s News Round Up for Sunday, November 28, 2021

Happy Chanukah!

Happy Chanukah! I made latkes, who’s hungry?
  1. Library officials recount actions in wake of cybersecurity incident
    (Toledo Blade, November 28th)
  2. TaipeiPass Criticized for Information Security
    (New Bloom, November 28th)
  3. Cyber criminals stopped from stealing tens of millions of dollars as AFP unleashes new cyber punch
    (Mirage, November 29th)
  4. AIDS Trojan: The Story Behind the First Ever Ransomware Attack
    (Make Use Of, November 28th)
  5. New variants of android spyware linked to APT C-23 enhanced for stealth and persistence, Sophos research reveals
    (Zawya, November 28th)
  6. Which Chinese military units are expanding while others are shedding troops?
    (South China Morning Post, November 29th)
  7. UK and Israel join forces to stop Iran gaining nuclear weapons
    (The Telegraph, November 28th)
  8. Banking’s shift to the cloud gathers steam
    (Niagara This Week, November 28th)
  9. UK introduces bill to fine manufacturers of unsecure digital products
    (Jurist, November 28th)
  10. The Canadian lab that exposed a critical flaw that left Apple devices vulnerable
    (National Post, November 28th)
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