InfoSecSherpa’s News Round Up for Sunday, November 7, 2021

  1. How Secure Is Your Data While You’re Using Public Transportation?
    (Make Use Of, November 7th)
  2. Digitizing and Securing Norway’s Railway Network
    (Gov Info Security, November 6th)
  3. FBI Cyber Crime Division Warns Tribal Casinos About Ongoing Threats
    (Casino Org, November 6th)
  4. Are you browsing Google Chrome on a mobile device? Remove it immediately from the device this is the reason
    (Tech Gaming Report, November 7th)
  5. Sarnia college helps develop cyber-security game
    (The Sarnia Observer, November 6th)
  6. India, France to expand defence, maritime security partnership
    (The Tribune, November 7th)
  7. Op-Ed: What a house cat can teach us about cybersecurity
    (The Los Angeles Times, November 7th)
  8. Nigeria urged to invest in cybersecurity against spate of attacks
    (Punch, November 7th)
  9. Adopting a new cybersecurity mindset on the road to recovery
    (Beta News, November 7th)
  10. Malaysia, Australia to work closely on cybersecurity
    (The Star, November 7th)
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#Librarian turned #InformationSecurity professional. Your guide up a mountain of information!

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#Librarian turned #InformationSecurity professional. Your guide up a mountain of information!

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