InfoSecSherpa’s News Round Up for Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!
  1. Pakistan’s main citizenry database compromised: Top security agency to Parliament panel
    (India Today, November 26th)
  2. New Mexico Health Insurer Exposes Medical Data
    (Gov Info Security, November 26th)
  3. Data protection bill is Orwellian, loaded in favour of the government: Justice BN Srikrishna
    (Money Control, November 26th)
  4. Cyber attackers told JBS ‘don’t panic, we’re in business not war’
    (North Queensland Register, November 26th)
  5. Swire Pacific Offshore reports data breach from cyber-attack
    (Trade Winds, November 26th)
  6. Israel slashes list of countries that can buy cyber tech: Report
    (The Economic Times Telecom, November 26th)
  7. New Linux malware hides in cron jobs with invalid dates
    (Bleeping Computer, November 25th)
  8. Sophisticated Tardigrade malware launches attacks on vaccine manufacturing infrastructure
    (Tripwire, November 25th)
  9. Encouraging more women within cyber security
    (Information Age, November 25th)
  10. New cyber security scheme launches to help shippers protect themselves against emerging threats
    (Digital Ship, November 25th)
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