InfoSecSherpa’s News Round Up for Wednesday, October 27, 2021

  1. The rising importance of mainframe security
    (Security Brief Australia, October 27th)
  2. State Department Recruiting for Chief Information Officer
    (TechWire, October 27th)
  3. A security bug in health app Docket exposed COVID-19 vaccine records
    (TechCrunch/Yahoo News, October 27th)
  4. Salesforce and Google create cybersecurity baseline for companies checking vendors
    (ZDNet, October 27th)
  5. Ransomware gang says it targeted National Rifle Association
    (Court House News, October 27th)
  6. US State Department to Create Dedicated Cyber Office
    (Gov Info Security, October 27th)
  7. Hackers-for-hire are biggest cybersecurity threat -EU agency
    (Reuters, October 27th)
  8. Google, Twitter back #ShareTheMicInCyber campaign to expand cybersecurity industry
    (ZDNet, October 27th)
  9. Lawmakers examine TSA’s growing role in cyber
    (FCW, October 27th)
  10. Cyber insecurity: Iran highlights ‘other cyber attacks’ after gas disruptions
    (The Jerusalem Post, October 27th)
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