InfoSecSherpa’s News Roundup — 26 July 2021

  1. Texas ransomware attack shows what can happen when whole towns are targeted
    (USA Today, 26 July 2021)
  2. Hackers have found yet another way to attack Kubernetes clusters
    (Tech Radar, 26 July 2021)
  3. Everyone in Your Organization Needs to Understand AI Ethics
    (Harvard Business Review, 26 July 2021)
  4. Angola a Top Target for Global Cyber Crooks
    (All Africa, 26 July 2021)
  5. Customers Now Want Compensation Amid Colonial Pipeline Ransom Attack
    (Research Snipers, 26 July 2021)
  6. Ransomware: Average Ransom Payment Drops to $137,000
    (Bank Info Security, 26 July 2021)
  7. LemonDuck malware explained: What is it and what makes it dangerous?
    (The Indian Express, 26 July 2021)
  8. GitHub supply chain security features now available for Go language
    (IT Wire, 26 July 2021)
  9. As Cyberattacks Surge, Security Start-Ups Reap the Rewards
    (The New York Times, 26 July 2021)
  10. Australia Says Uber ‘Interfered’ With Users’ Privacy
    (Gov Info Security, 26 July 2021)



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