InfoSecSherpa’s News Roundup for Friday, August 13, 2021

  1. UK security chiefs issue guidance after hackers target ministers on WhatsApp
    (The Guardian, August 13th)
  2. How Xi Jinping looks to the Communist Party to plug cybersecurity gaps
    (South China Morning Post, August 13th)
  3. Russia’s Magnit shares drop after access denied to state inspectors
    (Reuters, August 13th)
  4. Federal grant to help S.C. defense industry combat cybercrime
    (Columbia Regional Business Report, August 13th)
  5. DocuSign abused to launch devious phishing scams
    (Tech Radar Pro, August 13th)
  6. Lithuania’s Defense Minister Links Cyberattacks On Foreign Ministry With Russia
    (UrduPoint, August 13th)
  7. The fiendish new trick cyber-criminals are using to evade capture
    (BBC News, August 12th)
  8. Delaware County, Pa., plans cybersecurity upgrade after ransomware attack
    (State Scoop, August 12th)
  9. Lawmakers Want Federal Cybersecurity Leaders’ Roles Clarified
    (Bank Info Security, August 12th)
  10. MyPillow maestro Mike Lindell held the world’s worst cybersecurity conference
    (Mic, August 12th)
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#Librarian turned #InformationSecurity professional. Your guide up a mountain of information!

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