InfoSecSherpa’s News Roundup for Friday, August 20, 2021

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  1. Oxfam Australia creates CDO role after data breach
    (IT News, August 20th)
  2. Peace-building: iNGO Trains Nigerian Youths On Inclusive Security Practices
    (Leadership Nigeria, August 20th)
  3. Australians hit by ‘Flubot’ malware that arrives by text message
    (The Guardian, August 20th)
  4. SEC Is Still Cyber Serious About Disclosures
    (The National Law Review, August 19th)
  5. Ransomware: LockBit 2.0 Borrows Ryuk and Egregor’s Tricks
    (Bank Info Security, August 20th)
  6. Cunning WordPress malware disguises itself as regular code
    (Tech Radar Pro, August 19th)
  7. SentinelLabs releases in-depth study of ShadowPad malware
    (Total Telecom, August 19th)
  8. ‘Neurevt’ Trojan Targets Mexican Bank Customers
    (Bank Info Security, August 19th)
  9. Botnet Generates One of the Largest DDoS Attacks on Record
    (PC Magazine, August 19th)
  10. AT&T denies claim of leaked data on hacker forum
    (Market Watch, August 19th)
InfoSecSherpa: Your Guide Up a Mountain of Information!