InfoSecSherpa’s News Roundup for Friday, June 10, 2022

Palermo, Italy Cathedral. See item #10 for news about a cybersecurity incident that happened there.
  1. Tech’s ongoing mental health crisis
    (Computer Weekly, June 10th)
  2. Researchers Detail How Cyber Criminals Targeting Cryptocurrency Users
    (The Hacker News, June 10th)
  3. In March, Plainfield fell to a cyber attack. Now the town has a plan to stop the next one.
    (The Bulletin, June 10th)
  4. The PATCH Act: Protecting Medical Devices from Cyber Attacks
    (JDSupra/Spilman Thomas & Battle, PLLC)
  5. Southwest Research Institute Develops Cyber Security Intrusion Detection System for Modbus TCP Networks
    (ARC Advisory Group, June 10th)
  6. National Cyber Security Centre, HSE and major health sector bodies participate in Europe-wide Cyber Exercise
    (Government of Ireland, June 10th)
  7. Cyber prices may fuel rise in non-renewals: Marsh’s Warszona
    (Insurance Insider, June 10th)
  8. Louisiana State University Cyber Program Adds Digital Forensics, Industrial Systems
    (Government Technology, June 9th)
  9. Group backed by investor in Fortnite maker acquires cyber security firm
    (Business Live UK, June 10th)
  10. Palermo ransomware attack: Vice Society claims responsibility as city details recovery strategy
    (ITPro, June 10th)
Click the image to read the interview in LimaCharlie!
Click the image above to read the interview in LimaCharlie!



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