InfoSecSherpa’s News Roundup for Saturday, September 17, 2022

2 min readSep 17, 2022

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Africa Edition, news items from August 17-September 17, 2022

Nairobi National Park, Kenya. Photo Credit: Kenya Wildlife Service.
Nairobi, Kenya
  1. New Evolving Cyber Threat in Africa
    (CIO Review, September 16th)
  2. Cybercriminals on the continent target East African firms most
    (The East African, September 17th)
  3. South Africa’s banking and insurance sectors are overwhelmed by cyber attacks
    (Quartz Africa, September 8th)
  4. Cyber security becoming integral to maritime security
    (Defence Web, August 17th)
  5. Africa must act now to address cybersecurity threats. Here’s why
    (World Economic Forum, August 17th)
  6. Togo’s new cybersecurity center will serve the whole of Africa
    (Quartz Africa, August 22nd)
  7. Uganda’s Parliament Passes Tougher Penalties for Cyber Criminals
    (IT News Africa, September 12th)
  8. A new breed of malware has been found in South Africa — and has demanded more than R13 million ransom
    (Business Insider South Africa, August 31st)
  9. ‘DangerousSavanna’ Hackers Targeted Financial Institutions in Africa For Two Years
    (InfoSecurity Magazine, September 7th)
  10. Liquid Networks Launches DDoS Security for African Businesses
    (IT News Africa, September 6th)




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