InfoSecSherpa’s News Roundup for Sunday, August 22, 2021

  1. COVID vaccine certificates can be forged within 10 minutes due to ‘obvious’ security flaw
    (ABC News Australia, August 22nd)
  2. Russia’s efforts to promote cyber norms that serve its interests gain traction in Africa
    (Daily Maverick, August 22nd)
  3. Could Cyberwar Make the World Safer?
    (The New York Times, August 22nd)
  4. U.S. State Department recently hit by a cyber attack
    (Reuters, August 21st)
  5. Cyber in Afghanistan: Tech’s Vital Role in Kabul Evacuation
    (Government Technology, August 22nd)
  6. Cyber criminals hack hospital server, issue birth/death certificates
    (Deccan Herald, August 22nd)
  7. Will Cybersecurity Become a Popular eSport?
    (Make Use Of, August 22nd)
  8. Schools, colleges brace for cyberattacks as students return
    (The Hill, August 22nd)
  9. ‘Spoofed’ meal delivery kits and all of the other scam warnings you need to be aware of
    (Coventry Life, August 22nd)
  10. Baby monitors caught up in the latest cybersecurity incident
    (Digital Journal, August 21st)
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#Librarian turned #InformationSecurity professional. Your guide up a mountain of information!

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#Librarian turned #InformationSecurity professional. Your guide up a mountain of information!

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