InfoSecSherpa’s News Roundup for Sunday, November 13, 2022

InfoSecSherpa: Your Guide Up a Mountain of Information!

Latin America Edition, News from October 1st through November 13th.

  1. Latin America suffers 1,600 cyberattacks a second
    (MAPFRE, October 11th)
  2. Cyber-Dome: Combating Corporate Cyberattacks
    (Mexico Business News, October 6th)
  3. Cybersecurity Policy-Related Developments in Latin America
    (ResearchGate, November 2022)
  4. Data Privacy Latam | Cyber Incident Reporting Frameworks in Latin America
    (Mayer Brown, October 26th)
  5. Mexican government suffers major data hack, president’s health issues revealed
    (Rappler, October 1st)
  6. Toothless: The State of Cybersecurity Compliance in Latin America
    (Nearshore Americas, October 28th)
  7. Latin America: Emerging Market & Target of Cybersecurity Risks
    (ERM Protect, November 3rd)
  8. Cyberattack troubles Mexico’s transporters
    (Argus, November 3rd)
  9. China’s Latin America Move
    (Forbes, November 7th)
  10. Guacamaya hacktivists stole sensitive data from Mexico and Latin American countries
    (Security Affairs, October 1st)



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