InfoSecSherpa’s News Roundup for Sunday, November 19, 2023

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1 min readNov 20, 2023
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  1. Long Beach declares state of emergency after cyber attack
    (Signal Tribune, November 19th)
  2. Delivering Safe Cyber Environment Through Indonesia National Cyber Risk Management Approach
    (Modern Diplomacy, November 19th)
  3. 8Base Ranswomare Operators Use a New Variant of the Phobos Ransomware
    (Security Affairs, November 19th)
  4. Cyber security’s place on government agenda
    (Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, November 18th)
  5. Russian hackers claim attack on Ukraine fighter jet supplier
    (The Telegraph UK, November 19th)
  6. Vietnam Post Exposes 1.2TB of Data, Including Email Address
    (Security Affairs, November 16th)
  7. Hackers Are Exploiting a Flaw in Citrix Software Despite Fix
    (Bloomberg, November 19th)
  8. How a Hack Shook Wall Street’s Multitrillion-Dollar Foundations
    (The Wall Street Journal, November 19th)
  9. Taipei’s Kronos Research Confirms $26 Million Crypto Hack, Suspends Trading Operations
    (Be In Crypto, November 19th)
  10. K-12 schools improve protection against online attacks, but many are vulnerable to ransomware gangs
    (NBC Bay Area, November 19th)
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