InfoSecSherpa’s News Roundup for Wednesday, November 22, 2023

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2 min readNov 22, 2023
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News Item #9: How to Calculate the Cost of a Data Breach
  1. Garda investigation into cyber-fraud gang centres on Irish youth
    (The Irish Timems, November 22nd)
  2. Kinsing Crypto Malware Targets Linux Systems via Apache ActiveMQ Flaw
    (Hack Read, November 22nd)
  3. Cisco whips up modded switch to secure Ukraine grid against Russian cyberattacks
    (The Register, November 22nd)
  4. How the White House’s AI Executive Order could increase U.S. cyber vulnerabilities
    (Brookings, November 22nd)
  5. Fidelity National Financial services disrupted by cyber incident
    (FinExtra, November 22nd)
  6. Employees breaking security policies just dangerous as being hacked, Kaspersky global study shows
    (IT Security Guru, November 22nd)
  7. Information Security Vs. Cybersecurity: What’s The Difference?
    (Forbes Advisor, November 22nd)
  8. AutoZone Files MOVEit Data Breach Notice With State of Maine
    (Dark Reading, November 21st)
  9. How to Calculate the Cost of a Data Breach
    (Hyperproof, November 21st)
  10. Self-proclaimed ‘gay furry hackers’ breach nuclear lab
    (Engadget, November 22nd)
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