InfoSecSherpa’s News Roundup for Wednesday, September 1, 2021

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  1. Unsecure at any speed?
    From a safety and security perspective, the technology industry today is where the automotive industry was 60 years ago, when manufacturers were reluctant to prioritize safety features.
    (The Hill, September 1st)
  2. Apple announces first states signed up to adopt driver’s licenses and state IDs in Apple Wallet
    (, September 1st)
  3. Beyond data: The value of metadata in criminal investigations
    (, September 1st)
  4. Feds Warn of Ransomware Attacks Ahead of Labor Day (Threatpost)
    (Threatpost, September 1st)
  5. SANS Technology Institute Selects Ed Skoudis As Its New President
    (PRNewswire, September 1st)
  6. Focusing on neurodiversity in tech, Auticon opens Utah office
    (The Salt Lake Tribune, September 1st)
  7. Cyber ​​defense will be developed within the army
    La cyberdéfense sera développée au sein de l’armée
    Article is in French. Use your browser translator to read in English.
    (LFM La Radio Switzerland, September 1st)
  8. Malware Found a New Place to Hide: Graphics Cards
    (PC Magazine, September 1st)
  9. Google, Apple Hit by First Law Threatening Dominance Over App-Store Payments
    (The Wall Street Journal, August 31st)
  10. Belgian police deny using controversial facial recognition software
    (Brussels Times, September 1st)

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