OSINT-y Goodness, №10 — Time .is

I know what you’re thinking, “A time website, really? Isn’t that a little too, um, basic?” Wait! Hear me out! I’ve used Time.is for years and I love it. Let me tell you why.

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What time is it? Time for time.is!

Sure, there are other time websites like SunriseSunset.com or even just Googling the time for the area you want. Other than being a beautiful song in “Fiddler on the Roof,” that SunriseSunset site is too cluttered and not user-friendly.

The primary reason why I use Time.is is for the Time Zone Converter page, also known as, “Time Here & There.” It’s located at https://time.is/compare and it has been a lifesaver. Gone are the days when I actually have to think of how many hours are between me and someone in another time zone. You can put in a list of cities, not just two, and see a whole list of time zone conversions. OK, fine, it’s not THAT exciting, but I like this feature a lot.

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Other features of Time.is

  • Exact time now (self-explanatory)
  • Time Zones (again, self-explanatory)
  • Just Time (what, do I need to say it again?)
  • Calendar (you can search past and future years, calculate time between dates)
  • Sound (this is just your current time with a beeping noise, for real)
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You can customize the site, if you plan to use it often.

There are apps! There are widgets!

There is Time Zone News.

This just in…time zone news.

The Time Zone News feed is actually pretty interesting.

There is also a free newsletter subscription. Be the first to know about time news.

They have a dedicated page to Coordinated Universal Time, which is abbreviated as UTC for some reason and better known to most as Greenwich Mean Time or GMT. I’ve been told that UTC is the more “politically correct” term to use over GMT because the latter implies a British bias leftover from their days as a colonial overlord, the sun never sets on the British empire thing and all. So, whatever you want to call it, it’s the time zone on which everything else is based and so there is a page dedicated to it on the Time.is site.

I don’t know if I’ll ever need this, but if you want Unix time, they have it! Both Unix Time Now and Unix Time Converter.

You can download the Time.is app at the Apple Store, it does not appear that they have an Android app.

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You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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It’s a pretty cool site. Go check out Time.is!

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