OSINT-y Goodness, №9 — Pen .io

There’s not much info about the site Pen.io, so this post will be rather short and sweet! The “About Us” page doesn’t provide much context. I do know that it’s from Australia and their last Tweet was in 2013. Crikey!

So, here’s the deal. Pen.io is a way to blog anonymously without needing any hosting or even an account. Ta-dah!

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The Amazing Mumford!

Here’s how you do it:

(1) Go to Pen.io

(2) Enter a name for your page.

(3) Enter a password for your page.

(4) Click “Create Page.”

(5) Add your content.

(6) Click “Publish Page.”

Here’s a review of the site, if you want something more in-depth. But, honestly, it’s not much more than what I’ve already written.

This is a very minimalist blogging site. That can be a good thing, depending on how you want to use it. This seems to serve a good purpose for posting notes from a class or a conference session. While you can edit your posts, you’ll need to remember the specific site name AND the password you gave it. So, in that respect, it’s probably best for a single-use purpose kind of blog post.

You can easily post your completed Pen.io link on other social media sites. So, that’s convenient.

I suppose the major flaw is that the site is http and https. But, it’s not really the kind of site that you’d put anything valuable on, right?

If you’d like to search other completed Pen.io blog posts, I recommend that you just go to Google and craft this search:

site:pen.io malware

In the above scenario, “malware” is the keyword. Use whichever word you want to find posts about.

OK, that’s it. I don’t really have much else to say about Pen.io. Will I use it again? Maybe. Give it a try. It could come in handy.

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Here you go, Pen.io!

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