Representation Matters: A Collection of Diverse Stock Image Resources

This is by no means a comprehensive collection of diverse images. But, it’s a start and hopefully a good resource for people to remember when using photos in professional or personal posts. Representation matters. Help be a part of the change to make that happen.

One of the pieces of feedback I hear from people is that they don’t know where to find diverse images to use. Well, no more excuses. This blog post is a resource with lots of links to get you started.

Disclaimer 1: always check the resources for permissible usage for your needs.
Disclaimer 2: not all of these sites are free, check before using.

Note 1: I will update this blog post as I find new resources and have time.
Note 2: Be sure to search within each site for diverse images, as many have large repositories of diverse photos in their collection.

Let all people see themselves in the careers they want to have!

▪ AI Generated Photos

▪ Alamy Arab Photos
Note: The URL says “arab-men” but there are Arab women on that site.

▪ Alamy Non-Binary Photos

▪ Bantu Photos — Authentic African Photos

▪ Black Illustrations

▪ CanStock Photos Arabic

▪ CreateHER Stock —
Your Destination for Authentic Stock Images Featuring Melanated Women

▪ Creative Commons

▪ Disability Images

▪ Disability Inclusive Stock Photography

▪ Disabled and Here: Black, Indigenous, people of color

▪ Diversity Photos

▪ Gender Spectrum Collection: Stock Photos Beyond the Binary

▪ ImageFinder
(contains some NSFW images)

▪ iStock by Getty Images — Diverse Families

▪ The Jopwell Collection — Vol. 1:
Free Stock Images Of Our Community At Work

▪ Jopwell Latinx Collection

▪ Muslim Girl Collection on Getty Images

▪ Nappy

▪ Noun Project Photos

▪ Pexels

▪ Pexels Latino Hispanic Photos

▪ Pixerf — Asia’s Fastest-Growing Asian Stock Photo Site

▪ Raw Pixel

▪ SheBold Stock

▪ Shutterstock Hispanic Tech Images

▪ Slides Carnival

▪ TONL — Culturally Diverse Stock Photos

▪ UK Black Tech


▪ WOCinTech

“Plant the seed of possibility!” — Lupita Nyong’o

Source: Disabled And Here, Photo by Chona Kasinger

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