InfoSecSherpa’s News Round Up for Saturday, December 4, 2021

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  1. We know who is attacking us and we know how to get even, says Israel’s cyber defense chief
    (CNN, December 4th)
  2. All You Need to Know About the DOJ’s Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative
    (HyperProof, December 3rd)
  3. Cybersecurity and farming
    (Message Media, December 3rd)
  4. We need to work together ‘to hack our way out of this mess’
    (Financial Times, December 3rd)
  5. Mobile network operator T-Mobile faces cyber attack in Poland
    (Telecomlead, December 4th)
  6. Mnangagwa signs Cyber Security and Data Protection bill into law
    (The Zimbabwe Mail, December 4th)
  7. Is the UK government’s new IoT cybersecurity bill fit for purpose?
    (Tech Crunch, December 4th)
  8. Polri, FBI agree to cooperate on probing international cybercrimes
    (Antara News, December 4th)
  9. U.S. should expect cyberattacks in any struggle for Taiwan
    (Defense News, December 4th)
  10. Alert: Cuba Ransomware Gang Hits 49 CNI Organizations
    (Bank Info Security, December 4th)
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