InfoSecSherpa’s News Roundup for Monday, April 18, 2022

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1 min readApr 18, 2022
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  1. CatalanGate: Extensive Mercenary Spyware Operation against Catalans Using Pegasus and Candiru
    (Citizen Lab, April 18th)
  2. Shields Up: U.S. officials preparing for potential Russian cyberattacks
    (60 Minutes/CBS, April 17th)
  3. NATO Cyber Game Tests Defenses Amid War in Ukraine
    (The Wall Street Journal, April 18th)
  4. Synopsys Probed on Allegations It Gave Tech to Huawei, SMIC
    (Bloomberg, April 13th)
  5. 1.2 million In Cryptocurrency Recovered For Romance Scam Victim By Eurotech Cyber Security Recovery Team
    (EIN Newswires, April 18th)
  6. Former New York City CIO named as sanitation chief
    (State Scoop, April 18th)
  7. National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) Supply Chain Assurance Update
    (NCCoE, April 20th)
  8. Court reaffirms that data scraping isn’t hacking in LinkedIn appeal
    (Cyber Scoop, April 18th)
  9. Rising cyber threats demand cybersecurity measures for golf clubs
    (Golf Inc Magazine, April 18th)
  10. Watchdog warned UK government of spyware infections inside 10 Downing Street
    (EuroNews, April 18th)
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Click the image above to read more InfoSecSherpa news roundups and blog posts!




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