InfoSecSherpa’s News Roundup for Thursday, February 17, 2022

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2 min readFeb 18, 2022
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  1. Taiwan targets Chinese espionage against tech firms
    (The Register, February 18th)
  2. Healthcare sector saw largest increase in IoT malware attacks in 2021
    (SC Media, February 17th)
  3. Vulnerable Exchange Server Hit by Squirrelwaffle Malware Loader
    (GB Hackers, February 17th)
  4. Data Breach Alert: DPI Specialty Foods, Inc.
    (JD Supra / Console and Associates, February 17th)
  5. Pegasus malware has to have targeted more Polish opposition politicians.
    (Check Mind News, February 17th)
  6. Government of Canada announces next phase to strengthen Cyber Security Innovation Network
    (Cision/CNW Telbec, February 17th)
  7. How a Saudi woman’s iPhone revealed hacking around the world
    (NBC News, February 17th)
  8. Project protecting online privacy for people going through serious life events secures major funding
    (University of London, February 17th)
  9. Why Diversity Is Crucial to Bringing Cybersecurity Recruitment Into the 21st Century
    (InfoSecurity Magazine, February 17th)
  10. Croatian Teen Suspected of Hacking Communication Company’s Data
    (Balkan Insight, February 17th)
InfoSecSherpa: Your Guide Up a Mountain of Information!




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