InfoSecSherpa’s Weekly Transportation Cybersecurity News Roundup for Week Ending January 8, 2022

Image by Goran Horvat from Pixabay
It’s the first transportation cybersecurity news roundup of 2022!
  1. City Of Los Angeles, Metro Team Up To Launch Cyber Security Mobile Phone App
    (CBS Los Angeles, December 28th)
  2. Space: The new cybersecurity frontier
    (SC Media, December 30th)
  3. Loaded and Rolling: Cybersecurity risks rise; Schneider grows dedicated fleet
    (Freight Waves, January 4th)
  4. More than 5,000 people affected by security breach of Rhode Island Public Transit Authority health plan. What we know.
    (The Providence Journal, December 23rd)
  5. TSA Mandates Immediate Cyber Preparations for Rail Owners and Operators following its Imposition of Similar Requirements on Airports and Airlines
    (JD Supra / Akin Group, January 7th)
  6. Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration Ask to Delay 5G Over Aviation Safety Concerns
    (American Security Today, January 1st)
  7. Drones for Maritime Operation: Regulatory trends
    (Army-Technology, January 4th)
  8. VSAT and IoT Connectivity for Today’s Commercial Fleets: How to Choose
    (The Maritime Executive, December 28th)
  9. Built-in systems and the human factor: preventing aviation safety cyber attacks
    (Israel Defense, December 28th)
  10. Transport Canada Releases Updated Guidelines for Testing Automated Driving Systems
    (McMilllan, December 21st)
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#Librarian turned #InformationSecurity professional. Your guide up a mountain of information!

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